How do you market your podcasts and on-demand webinars on social...

When Twitter, LinkedIn & anyone with a broom keeps killing the reach of anything you post with an external link?

What is this?

We help you spread the thought leadership in your podcast and on-demand webinars where your audience lives (social). We do that by finding the best parts and editing them out into short clips designed for social engagement.

Why Create Podcast & Webinar Highlights?

Are you experiencing any of the things in these screenshots?

A consistent stream of micro-videos with the best moments from your podcast and webinars boosts awareness.

Hosting webinars is hard. Why not milk your ROI dry by repurposing the thought leadership into micro-content?

'Podcasts analytics are so bad,' fine. Increase the data by expanding consumption on social.

Sports highlights videos are popular for a reason. Can your audience access highlights of your webinars? and podcasts?

Crazy Experiment

Over a two-week period, I ran an unusual experiment. I took people’s B2B podcasts and webinar recordings, edited out the hard-hitting parts (clips shown below), and started posting them on my personal LinkedIn profile while tagging the speakers.

The experiment was to see whether the featured guests—and their network—would engage or chase me off LinkedIn with a big stick yelling (in husky voices), ‘EVIL! EVIL!’ . 

Read the results here.The video analytics revealed interesting patterns. 

Repurpose My Library Package


Every weekday for a month, you can make social media channels rain thought leadership. It’s buried in your on-demand webinars and podcasts. Open the gates.

 Under this package, we’ll deliver 20 repurposed thought leadership videos of up to 2 minutes each.

Repurpose Singles Package

$50 per clip

You’ve dropped wisdom like chocolate-flavoured manna.

Sharing a link to the podcast or webinar isn’t enough for you. You want to re-use the best of the content on social.