Are you in webinars, podcasts, LinkedIn & FB Lives, virtual & hybrid events?

You might be wasting half the value of your efforts...

What is this?

We help you spread the insights in your recordings beyond your on-demand webinar libraries and podcast apps. So you don’t always need to create new content.


Potential customers buy from people they trust. Content from subject matter experts is one way to build that trust through social media.


We find the most insightful moments in your video recordings and edit them out into short clips designed for time-starved social engagement. 

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The Story Behind This Service

I’m an avid podcast listener and webinar attendee. However, I noticed that most of the podcasts I listened to I discovered via social media—not the podcast apps. Same with webinars. 

So I ran an unusual 2-week experiment…

I took B2B podcasts and webinar recordings, edited out the hard-hitting parts (clips shown below), and started posting them on LinkedIn while tagging the speakers.

The 2-week experiment was to see how audiences would receive repurposed content. 

And if the speakers featured in the clips (busy executives, CEOs, etc.) would find the time to engage, or chase me off LinkedIn with online pitchforks yelling (in husky voices), ‘EVIL! EVIL!’. 

Read the results here. The video analytics revealed interesting patterns about recycling webinars and podcasts. 

That is the story of how this service was born and why I believe we are wasting half the value of the expertise in webinars and podcasts if we don’t recycle the insight buried in them for multiple channels.


Why burn 101.1 hours on relistening to your webinars, finding the most insightful moments and repurposing them for different channels when specialists like us can do it faster (while humming kumbaya!)?

Weird screenshots from people who've loved this service

Andrew Mewborn, Enterprise Sales & Growth, Outreach Interviews Outreach (a unicorn) CEO Manny Medina and uses our service to repurpose Manny's advice into 4 short clips for LinkedIn.
Brandon Morgan, Regional Vice President at Salesforce, spoke in a webinar on how sales alignment can drive strategic growth for companies. He ordered clips repurposed from the webinar for the same reason you should: it's an unexplored opportunity...


Repurpose My Library

Bare Knuckle

$100 / 4 clips
  • Submit event/podcast/call recording
  • Get 4 video clips (1-3 minutes long)

Double Trouble

$200 / 8 clips
  • Submit event/podcast/call recording
  • Get 8 video clips (1-3 minutes long)

Triple Threat

$300 / 12 clips
  • Submit event/podcast/call recordings
  • Get 12 video clips (1-3 minutes long)

Consistent Sister

$400 / 16 clips
  • Submit event/podcast/call recordings
  • Get 16 video clips (1-3 minutes long)

Test Clip

If you prefer to test the waters by repurposing one or two clips first. Here’s your chance to do that.

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