What is this?

We help you turn the insight in any piece of recorded content featuring subject matter experts (webinarspodcasts, interviewsevents…) into engaging expert-led articles.

Here’s what Dave Wallace, a 20+ year veteran of the financial services industry, has to say about the experience of turning recordings of his expert thoughts into editorial style articles.

Because you’re here, you’re probably a subject matter expert in your industry or are marketing the heck out of a company in a niche that requires customer education.

You’re already leveraging subject matter expertise to educate/entertain potential buyers in webinars, podcasts, virtual events, etc. 

That’s great. But talking to marketers and subject matter experts, there are problems I hear a lot.

  1. Subject matter experts don’t have the time to always take part in content creation. 
  2. Some of your target audience is time-starved and can’t sit through multiple 40-minute webinars to learn from you.
  3. Journalists and writers from high-traffic publications looking for expert quotes, can not reference your expertise in their writing, because they don’t have the time to listen to your on-demand recordings—that are bursting with expertise. 
  4. Your in-house writers are busy with other things and don’t enjoy re-listening to webinars and podcasts, finding takeaways, and turning them into articles.

Okay, let’s pause.

This is where we kick in the door and come in to help you:

  1. Get your target audience reading content from your subject matter experts and viewing your company as an industry thought leader. 
  2. Get your potential and existing customers engaging with you on other channels (blogs, social media) once the webinars/podcasts are done.
  3. Get your subject matter experts into industry blogs and getting read by more people than those who attended the webinars.

How we help you?

We’ll listen to your webinars, virtual events, podcasts and interviews. Find the best takeaways, and sprinkle a journalistic touch to turn them into editorial style articles.

And with your subject matter experts’ recorded insight now available as articles, you can:

  1. Get discovered on the search engines easier. 
  2. Stand out from the crowd by publishing expert-led articles rather than industry-standard content remixed from Google search results by writers. 
  3. Get more out of the investments you’ve put into webinars, virtual events and podcasts. 

Perhaps you’ll even get Jerry down at engineering excited about creating content. (Okay, maybe not Jerry, but you get the point…)

Is the quality good?

Some of you might already be scratching over-scratched chins thinking, “are articles based on webinars, podcasts, interviews and all sorts of weird recordings going to be any good?”

The answer is Yep. A big Yep.

Here’s an example from our work with Dave Wallace. (He had very strong opinions on how banks should operate today.)

The Collaborative Content Creation Framework Case Study With NMD+’s Dave Wallace

PS: I’d written 200+ articles by the time I realised googling to create thought leadership content was futile. And expert-led was the way to go.

But even then, the content I’d been creating was still engaging, with credibility built through data and heavy research.

Here is what some of the people who’ve engaged with that content had to say about the quality.

Gabriel was a delight to work with. Using only a light brief, Judopay received a fantastic piece of content with fresh research from the market, on-brand, and with interesting infographics. I highly recommend.

Siobhan McGinley,

Former Head of Marketing, Judopay, Currently at Lexis Nexis

I have worked with Gabriel for some time as I needed content for the financial industry. His writing was always to the point, full of references, well structured and clear. He always delivered on time and on subject. He is very professional and a great guy to work with.

Sotiris Nossis,

CEO, Payment Components

Now that we are niching down to combine our ability to write great content with your industry expertise, thoughts, experiences, lessons and context from your webinars, podcasts and interviews, the quality of the resulting content can only get better. 


Thought leadership opinion pieces

Using Hyper-personalisation to Enhance Digital Banking.

Are Banks Applying 1960s Thinking to New Social Channels.

B2B product-centric article

How to Enhance Cost Control in Uncertain Times Using Sap Concur.

Instructional/educative content

How to Scale Cold Emailing and Get Leads Consistently.

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(For those who don’t want this and just want to pay the full price from the start, you can do that too. Either way, we appreciate you.)



$300 / article
  • Submit 1 webinar/podcast recording (up to 1 hour long )
  • Repurposed into 1 expert-led article/newsletter (750-1,000 words long)